Swapping my matlab student licence over

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So I’m getting a new computer early next year and am wanting to install matlab with my existing licence on there. I currently have a MacBook which I am about to wipe and start over as it is quite old. I want to reinstall matlab on this laptop as well as on my new computer. I read somewhere you have have up to two activations on a student licence. How do I make sure I can use matlab on both and also that it doesn’t think I have 3 devices using it?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Nov 2021
You need to deactivate the installation on the old computer.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2021
There is notable confusion about 1 vs 2 for Student license.
Some Mathworks staff have posted about being able to use the Student license on two computers, and IIRC at some point it was mentioned as an official license change.. might have been R2021a or R2020b. However, the actual license file still says One, and that takes priority unless you get written permission from Mathworks.
I thought I even wrote to Mathworks for clarification on this issue and got told 2, but the license file has not changed, so ... ??

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