Picking data from graph?

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I have a sample signal below, I just want to retrieve the data in the red box for the next step of processing, how do I do it?
Nurfaiz Fathurrahman
Nurfaiz Fathurrahman on 22 Nov 2021
is it possible to retrieve data by picking in the graph? or use another method so that it can determine the start and end?
time range is fixed, signal is input using exsisting data

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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 22 Nov 2021
If you have the signal S, the corresponding sample-times t and the start and stop-times t1 and t2 you can select the signal in the intervall:
S1to2 = S(t1<t&t<=t2);
If you want to select the time-interval from the graph, have a look at the help and documentation of ginput, it is a function that allows you to select points in graphs. You could use that to select 2 points (you will/can get bot the x and y-values of selected points) to give you t1 and t2.
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Nurfaiz Fathurrahman
Nurfaiz Fathurrahman on 23 Nov 2021
Excellent, i tried ginput and got what i wanted, thanks a lot
Sorry late reply

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