How can I read a video with frame width and height as 6*8? Cannot read a single frame by using read() function

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I am reading the attached video with Matlab R2021a, but I get an empty matrix result. However, this video can be played with PotPlayer or read by python code.
Matlab code:
file = VideoReader('');
frm = read(file);

Answers (1)

Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 21 Sep 2021
I tried to read the frames from the provided video but it seems there is some issue with the videofile itself. I also tried to open that in my Desktop but the video was not playing. You can try checking the videofile again and use the read().
At my end I used an example ".mov" videofile and it was working fine, attaching that here for your reference.
v = VideoReader("");
frm = read(v);
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Sep 2021
VLC is displaying at a lot larger than 6 x 8, and VLC is interpolating somehow.
That is, VLC knows the proper size of the video, but when it displays it in a larger window, it is not just replicating pixels; it is interpolating to a larger size when it displays. This is an issue with VLC.

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