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sim command not opening Simulink model but workspace shows output variable ans ?!

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What I'm tryin to do is to run a Simulink file from Matlab script so that I don't have to open it seperately. My Simulink model takes values from Matlab's workspace. So what I indent to do is run the maltab which put the variable with values into workspace, then run (simulate) the simulink model from matlab script only.
I'm using sim command but it doesn't seem to work (not running the simulink model), but there's this ans variable that shows up in workapsace area that is of no use to me. I'ven't used any "To Workspace" block either.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Sep 2021
The graphical part is interface. The computation part is what is triggered when you run sim() . Part of running a simulation might be to update inputs to a graphing block, but that does not mean that it is mandatory that the blocks appear on the screen.
Using Simulink Scopes and similar is not like using figure() and so on, in that using figure() always causes a window to pop up. Simulink Scopes record data, and will display it if you open the graphical interface -- but the graphical interface is not necessary for the model to run.
You can use commands such as get_param and related to get the state of blocks.
You can log signals.
Especially if you have configured Single Output, then the output of sim() is a Simulink.SimulationOutput object that holds the result of the simulation, and with the way you are running, that is going to get stored in ans . You should assign the value to a variable and examine it to see what went on with your model.

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Esen Ozbay
Esen Ozbay on 6 Sep 2021
Is it possible that you have created a variable or another function with the same name? Try the command
which sim
to see what MATLAB is calling when you execute.
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Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh on 7 Sep 2021
Edited: Suraj Singh on 7 Sep 2021
No Sir,
It says built-in. followed by it location in system. (C:\..\simulink\core\api\sim).
It seems sim function only simulate the open model but NOT open-and-simulate the model.
So what i did to open just call the model and then used the sim command to simulate the same.
Thanks & Regards
Suraj S. Danu

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