Convert .slx file to .mldatx

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Shveta Dhamankar
Shveta Dhamankar on 25 Aug 2021
Commented: Xavier Gross on 24 Aug 2022
I have a simulink .slx file that I want to convert to .mldatx. I want t load this to the Simulink Real Time Porgram (slrtexplr). How do I g about this?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Aug 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 26 Aug 2021
It appears that you need to set up points with logging to Simulink Data Inspector enabled, and then run. The mldatx files are logged data.
Xavier Gross
Xavier Gross on 24 Aug 2022
How can I find out which application the mldatx file is for?
I have several files in my project, some for Simulation Data Inspector and other for Test Manager. I would like to find all mldatx files for Test Manager. Any suggestion?

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 26 Aug 2021
You have to build the Simulink model to generate the real-time application (MLDATX file).
  1. Prepare the model, e.g. Simulink -> Apps tab -> Simulink Real-Time
  2. Build the model, e.g. CTRL+B or Simulink -> Real-Time tab -> Run on Target pull-down menu -> Build Application
  3. Once you get the MLDATX file, you can load to the target with Simulink Real-Time Explorer, or simply double-click on the file.
(on step 2. you can also select Run on Target to automatically build the model, load to the target computer, and run.)

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