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My parallel computing code (R2013b) is very slow

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Hi! I am trying to use parallel computing and parfor loops with my R2013b MatLab version. I can already use parfor cycles but they are slow, a bit slower that the corresponding for cycle. Why is that? When I write parpool in the command window, I get: undefined function or variable 'parpool' Thank you for your help, Sebastiano.

Accepted Answer

Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 21 Jul 2014
If you have Parallel Computing Toolbox installed you shouldn't see the error message. Confirm you have Parallel Computing Toolbox installed by typing the following on the command line:
>> ver
If you are using an earlier of MATLAB, replace parpool with matlabpool
Take a look at the release notes for 13b:

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Sebastiano delre
Sebastiano delre on 21 Jul 2014
Thank you!


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