Matlab seems to install fine, but will not run in Ubuntu 14.04, no error message provided

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I've installed Matlab R2014a on Ubuntu 14.04 server (with ubuntu-desktop installed). Everything seemed to go fine with the installation - no errors were reported. When I try to run matlab from a terminal window, nothing happens. No error messages are reported. "top" reveals 0% CPU and 0.1% memory used by the MATLAB process. CTRL-C does not kill the process - I have to kill it manually with the kill command. Adding the -debug or -nojvm or -nodesktop arguments does not alter this behavior.
I know that 14.04 is not officially supported yet, but there are reports of it working out there. I'm kind of stuck with no information. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to try? Is there some way for me to get additional troubleshooting data?
Thanks, Kyle

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Raag on 15 Aug 2014
Did you try
sudo apt-get install matlab-support
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Nov 2016
I installed MATLAB on a Kubuntu 16.04 virtual machine I got from osboxes. The installation of MATLAB was a bit fussy because the Kubuntu graphics would freeze (the complete display, but I could switch to a console). I can run the command line version. The graphics does not work at all on the virtual machine MATLAB due to a missing extension (something about SGI) same as I had with Ubuntu 16.04 that was a beast on there. I probably will not try to fix it. The whole Kubuntu installation was a bit wonky on my virtual machine software, which could not recognize that there was an OS there,so potentially there were glitches in what I did manage to install.

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Dave on 13 Oct 2014
The trick is:
sudo chown username -R ~/.matlab

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BanzayCL on 21 Jul 2016
Nowadays on Ubuntu 16.04 you need to do both steps.
1) sudo apt-get install matlab-support
Then follow instructions.
2) Open a Terminal on your home folder and then "sudo chown username -R ~/.matlab"
Finally if you want full integration with your operating system , like being able to opening .m files directly by doing double click, you need to edit /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop
Find "Exec=" line and replace with: Exec=matlab -desktop -r "cd %d"
Then you have matlab as an "Open With" application option.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Nov 2016
Note: on the Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine, if I allowed Ubuntu to update the operating system components then I would hit a login window loop with gnome telling me that that there was a severe failure and that the failwhale was dead. Which is nothing to do with MATLAB, just a note to anyone who was thinking of experimenting with the same virtual machine

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Ibraim Ibraimi
Ibraim Ibraimi on 21 Apr 2019
I installed Matlab 2019a student on my Laptop using Ubuntu operating system. After the installation I used these commands to create a shortcut of matlab2019a (I copied them from a website):
sudo wget -qO /usr/share/icons/matlab.png
sudo wget -qO /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop
What I then get is a shortcut 2012a. On the top of that, the matlab is not starting. I am wondering if different version has to do with a wrong installation or rather with a wrong shortcut. I also dont understand why it is not starting. Many thanks for your help.

Annas Mazhar
Annas Mazhar on 2 Mar 2021
I am having trouble starting up matlab after installation nothing happens once i click on the icon. Can someone please help me out.

Gongting on 9 Sep 2016
Edited: Gongting on 9 Sep 2016
This is the first few results when I googled matlab ubuntu. The latest Matlab (2016a) has problem running on Ubuntu 16.04 or older, it halts immediately after start. Just to make life easier for people had this problem, I posted the solution here.
As someone has posted this on askubuntu, the problem is Matlab uses the old C library. You can force matlab to use the latest library by removing or rename it to something different.

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