How to transpose characters on edit box using set property??

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I am working on audio steganography and the coding is completed, but now I am only stuck at showing the output correctly.
I use the following command to show secret message on edit box:
set(edit6,'visible','on','string',char (g),'position',[1055 100 200 100],'horizontalalignment','left');
but the characters shown on output edit box are in vertical order(like a column matrix) and so I tried using char(g') in the code but it showed nothing on output. Then I tried giving one variable to char(g') and keeping that variable in place of char(g) but still it didn't work.
So did transpose work on set property ? please tell how to rectify this.?

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Jan 2016
My guess is that your g is numeric, such as you wanting numeric value 5 to show up as the character '5'. In that case,
set(edit6,'visible','on','string', num2str(g),'position',[1055 100 200 100],'horizontalalignment','left');


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