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Whether a given point is inside or outside a non-convex 3D tessellated (triangular mesh/ STL file) object?

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nand mourya
nand mourya on 23 Jun 2011
I have a 3D, non-convex (very complex), triangular mesh ( = STL file i.e. triangular representation of surface of a 3-D object).
Now, a cube is intersecting with the STL object such that few triangles of the object are partially or fully inside the cube.
I want to know which vertices of the cube are outside the object.
thank you

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jun 2011
Perhaps you could adapt something from this MATLAB Solution .
(I thought I knew a way for a moment, but realized that particular way won't work. It might not be easy.)

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Johannes Korsawe
Johannes Korsawe on 19 Sep 2013
If the tesselated surface is watertight and consists of triangles only, you can use intriangulation from the FEX.
Regards, Johannes

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