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Read and write data in an ASAM measurement data format file; sort and finalize files; manage attachments

The toolbox provides read and write access to measurement data format (MDF) files. You can sort and finalize MDF-files, and add, save, or remove attachments.

Use mdfDatastore to access a datastore comprised of large or multiple MDF-files.


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mdfInfoAccess or create MDF-file metadata
mdfChannelGroupInfoGet channel group metadata from MDF-file
mdfChannelInfoGet channel metadata from MDF-file
mdfReadRead channel data from MDF-file
mdfVisualizeView channel data from MDF-file


mdfCreateCreate MDF-file with metadata
mdfWriteWrite timetable data to MDF-file
mdfAddChannelGroupMetadataAdd channel group and channel metadata to timetable

File Operations

mdfSortSort MDF-file by ASAM standards
mdfFinalizeFinalize MDF-file by ASAM standards
mdfSaveAttachmentSave embedded attachment files from MDF-file
mdfAddAttachmentAttach file to MDF-file
mdfRemoveAttachmentRemove attachment from MDF-file

MDF Object Interface

mdfAccess information contained in MDF-file
channelListInformation on available MDF groups and channels
readRead channel data from MDF-file
saveAttachmentSave attachment from MDF-file
mdfDatastoreDatastore for collection of MDF-files
readRead data in MDF datastore
readallRead all data in MDF datastore
previewSubset of data from MDF datastore
resetReset MDF datastore to initial state
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read from MDF datastore
partitionPartition MDF datastore
numpartitionsNumber of partitions for MDF datastore