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File Format Limitations


The following restrictions apply to MDF-file operations.

  • mdfVisualize supports only integer and floating point data types in MDF-file channels.

  • The following MDF-file functions do not support the full range of international characters that are supported by the other MDF functions:


When using CDFX-files, the following limitations apply:

  • SW-AXIS-CONT elements with the category COM_AXIS, CURVE_AXIS, or RES_AXIS must use the SW-INSTANCE-REF element, and the axis must be defined in a separate instance.

  • Instances with the category VAL_BLK, CUBOID, CUBE_4, or CUBE_5 that represent multidimensional arrays must use the VG element to group the physical values.


Although Vector BLF-files support many networks, Vehicle Network Toolbox™ support of BLF-files is limited to only CAN and CAN FD on Windows® and Linux® operating systems.

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