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Motion Planning

Plan flight trajectories and poses for UAV missions

Generate flight trajectories with constraints and cost optimization. Perform obstacle avoidance for UAV missions.


controllerVFH3DAvoid obstacles using 3D vector field histogram (Since R2022b)
uavDubinsConnectionDubins path connection for UAV (Since R2019b)
uavDubinsPathSegmentDubins path segment connecting two poses of UAV (Since R2019b)
minsnappolytrajGenerate minimum snap trajectory through waypoints (Since R2021b)
minjerkpolytrajGenerate minimum jerk trajectory through waypoints (Since R2021b)
waypointTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory generator (Since R2020b)
polynomialTrajectoryPiecewise-polynomial trajectory generator (Since R2023a)


Obstacle AvoidanceCompute obstacle-free direction using range sensor data and target position (Since R2021b)