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Profiling and Optimization

Execution profiling, display, analysis, and optimization by using MATLAB® functions

Profile the task execution time and function execution time of the real-time application that is running on the target computer. Then, you can tune its performance.


TargetRepresent real-time application and target computer status
InstrumentCreate real-time instrument object
slrealtime.instrument.LineStyleCreate real-time instrument LineStyle object
ProfilerDataData returned from profiler
StimulationTarget computer model root inport stimulator object


startProfilerStart profiling service on target computer
stopProfilerStop profiling service on target computer
getProfilerDataRetrieve profile data object
resetProfilerReset profiling service state to Ready
slrtTETMonitorOpen Simulink Real-Time task execution time (TET) monitor
plotGenerate execution profiler plot
reportGenerate profiler report
getSupportInfoCreates slrealtimeinfo.txt file that provides information about Simulink Real-Time installation
getCrashStackDownloads and decodes core files from target computer and opens these in MATLAB editor


Enable ProfilerStart and stop execution profiler on target computer
Log EventLog an execution profiling event