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Troubleshoot System Upgrade for R2020b

I have upgraded my Simulink Real-Time software for R2020b and have installed the Simulink Real-Time Target Support Package. Now, I cannot download real-time applications to my target computer.

What This Issue Means

The upgrade for release R2020b requires software upgrades to the Simulink Real-Time software and the Speedgoat Target Machine software.

Try This Workaround

In R2020b, the change to a 64-bit POSIX compliant real-time operating system on the target computer requires a software upgrade for your Speedgoat® real-time target machine. For this upgrade, the Speedgoat I/O Blockset provides an interactive tool. To retain compatibility with previous versions of MATLAB, you can choose to upgrade the target machine to a dual-boot system where you can select the operating system at startup. Or, you can upgrade the target machine to use only the new operating system. For the upgrade, you need a USB drive and the target machine needs a keyboard and a monitor.

To upgrade your software:

  1. Install Simulink Real-Time and other required products.

  2. Install the Simulink Real-Time Target Support Package by using the MATLAB Add-Ons menu.

  3. ​Install the Speedgoat I/O Blockset. Go to the Speedgoat customer portal.

  4. To start the target machine upgrade, in the MATLAB Command Window, type:


For more information, go to the Speedgoat website.

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