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Create and Archive Reports

After collecting coverage and addressing unsatisfied outcomes, you can archive the results by creating HTML reports. In the Coverage Results Explorer, you can create a report from the aggregated coverage results, or from individual test cases.

When you create a standalone coverage report, by default, the coverage tables that list satisfied and unsatisfied outcomes appear for all model objects that receive coverage analysis. This is consistent with the report displayed in the Coverage Details pane. You can change this and other settings in the Configuration Parameters dialog box or in the Coverage Results Explorer. See Access, Manage, and Aggregate Coverage Results for more information.

To create a report for the aggregated results, in the Coverage Results Explorer click Current Cumulative Data and, at the bottom of the window, click Generate Report.

To create a report for an individual run, click on the run name and click Generate Report.

Command-Line Information

To generate an aggregated results report programmatically, enter:


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