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Open Model Testing Dashboard

Since R2020b



modelTestingDashboard opens the Model Testing Dashboard for the current project.


modelTestingDashboard(projectPath) opens the Model Testing Dashboard for the project at the specified path.


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Assess the testing status of a project by using the Model Testing Dashboard.

For this example, you can open an example project. For this example, in the MATLAB® Command Window, enter:


Open the Model Testing Dashboard for the project.


Open the Model Testing Dashboard for a project at a path that you specify.

Assign the variable projectPath to the path to the root folder of the project. For this example, the path is C:/projects/TestingProject/.

projectPath = 'C:/projects/TestingProject/';

Open the Model Testing Dashboard for the project at the path.


If you have previously opened the dashboard for the project, the dashboard populates with existing traceability and metric results. The dashboard collects metric results for the testing artifacts in the project and displays the results in the widgets.

Input Arguments

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Path to the project file or project root folder for which you want to open the dashboard, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Example: 'C:/projects/project1/myProject.prj'

Example: 'C:/projects/project1/'

Alternative Functionality


You can also open the dashboard for the current project by clicking Model Testing Dashboard on the Project tab.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b