Implement Discrete-Event Systems with Charts

Use a chart in SimEvents® software using the Discrete Event Chart block

Create custom discrete-event systems with the Discrete Event Chart block. For more information, see Discrete-Event Stateflow Charts.


Discrete Event ChartDiscrete event chart


Discrete-Event Stateflow Charts

You can use Stateflow® discrete-event charts to create SimEvents systems.

Discrete-Event Chart Precise Timing

This example shows the precise timing that a Discrete-Event Chart block executes as it generates parts in a facility.

Trigger a Discrete-Event Chart Block on Message Arrival

This example shows how to trigger a Discrete-Event Chart Block on the message arrival when generating parts in a facility and performing quality assurance.

Dynamic Scheduling of Discrete-Event Chart Block

This example shows how to use the dynamic scheduling that the Discrete-Event Chart block provides.

How Discrete-Event Charts Differ from Stateflow Charts

See how discrete-event charts differ from Stateflow charts.

Event Triggering in Discrete-Event Charts

Use event, message, and temporal triggering in discrete-event charts.

Featured Examples