Discrete-Event Stateflow Charts

The Discrete-Event Chart block is similar to a Stateflow® chart but is used for discrete events.

Why Use the Discrete-Event Chart

A Stateflow Discrete-Event Chart block can receive, process, and send SimEvents® entities. Using Stateflow Discrete-Event Chart block to create SimEvents systems lets you take advantage of the graphical state transition and MATLAB® action language used in Stateflow software. The Discrete-Event Chart block can be used in a similar fashion to the Stateflow Chart.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Discrete-Event Chart block is that it executes in an event-based rather than time-based fashion. The Discrete-Event Chart block provides these advantages for discrete-event modeling:


With SimEvents software, you can view, edit, and simulate your Discrete Event Chart custom block within a SimEvents example model. However, to save the model you must have a Stateflow license.

For new models, without a Stateflow license, you can view and edit the model, but cannot simulate or save it.

The entities you use with discrete-event charts can be bus objects or anonymous entities.

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