SimBiology Model Analyzer

Analyze PK/PD and mechanistic systems biology models


The SimBiology Model Analyzer app lets you analyze models of dynamic systems such as metabolic networks, signaling pathways, quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP), and pharamacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) of drugs. It provides several analysis methods for your models and various plots to visualize the results.

Using the app, you can:

  • Simulate a model to see its dynamic behavior over time.

  • Explore biological variability by simulating alternate scenarios such as virtual patients.

  • Estimate model parameters using nonlinear regression and nonlinear mixed-effects methods.

  • Perform parameter scans and sensitivity analysis to investigate the influence of model parameters and initial conditions on model behavior.

  • Specify units and let the app automatically converts the matching physical quantities to one consistent unit system.

  • Explore various dosing regimens.

  • Perform noncompartmental analysis (NCA) to compute PK parameters of a drug from its PK data.

  • View analysis results in various plots.

Available Plots

The app lets you visualize the analysis results using various plots including:

  • Time course of model quantities

  • Sensitivity matrix

  • Overlay of estimated results on experimental data

  • Fit quality measure plots such as confidence intervals, residuals, residual distribution, actual-versus-predicted, and box plot

  • Scatter plot matrix

Open the SimBiology Model Analyzer App

  • MATLAB® toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Computational Biology, click the app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter simBiologyModelAnalyzer.

Programmatic Use

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simBiologyModelAnalyzer opens the SimBiology Model Analyzer app.

Introduced in R2019b