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Custom Geometry and PCB Fabrication

Bends, curves, rings, radials, and custom traces; Boolean operations, Gerber file read and write

Use the shape objects to create different designs and complex shapes and create custom printed circuit board (PCB) components to complete PCB designs quickly. Use line interconnects such as bends, curves, mitered edges, and traces to effectively lay out PCB components.

Gerber files are open ASCII vector format files that contain information on each physical board layer of the PCB design. These files also represent circuit board objects, like copper traces, vias, pads, solder mask, and silkscreen images by series of coordinates. Write Gerber files that can be used by PCB manufacturers to translate the details of the design into physical properties of the PCB.


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bendCurvedCreate curved bend shape on X-Y plane
bendMiteredCreate mitered bend shape on X-Y plane
bendRightAngleCreate right-angle bend shape on X-Y plane

U Bends

ubendCurvedCreate U-bend with curved edges on X-Y plane
ubendMiteredCreate U-bend with mitered edges on X-Y plane
ubendRightAngleCreate right-angle U-bend shape on X-Y plane

Rings, Curves, and Radial

ringAnnularCreate annular ring on X-Y plane
ringSquareCreate square ring on X-Y plane
splitRingCreate split ring shape on X-Y plane
curveCreate curved shape on X-Y plane
radialCreate radial shape
deltaCreate delta shape
dumbbellCreate dumbbell shape on X-Y plane


traceSpiralCreate even-sided polygon trace in spiral form
traceRectangularCreate rectangular trace
traceTeeCreate tee trace
traceCrossCreate cross-shaped trace
traceStepCreate step trace in XY plane
traceTaperedCreate tapered trace in X-Y plane

Custom Traces

tracePointCreate custom line trace based on specified X and Y coordinates
traceLineCreate line trace
pcbComponentCreate single or multifeed PCB component
PCBReaderImport and update Gerber files
PCBWriterCreate PCB board definitions from 2-D PCB designs
pcbElementCreate RF Toolbox circuit element


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gerberReadCreate PCBReader object with specified Gerber and drill files
gerberWriteGenerate Gerber files
pcbcascadeCreate new component using cascade operation
addBoolean unite operation on two RF PCB shapes
subtractBoolean subtraction operation on two RF PCB shapes
plusShape1 + Shape2 for RF PCB shapes
minusShape1 - Shape2 for RF PCB shapes
intersectBoolean intersection operation on two RF PCB shapes
andShape1 & Shape2 for RF PCB shapes
areaCalculate area of RF PCB shape in square meters
showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape
scaleChange size of RF PCB shape by fixed amount
translateMove RF PCB shape to new location
rotateRotate RF PCB shape about defined axis
rotateXRotate RF PCB shape about x-axis
rotateYRotate RF PCB shape about y-axis and angle
rotateZRotate RF PCB shape about z-axis
mirrorXMirror shape along X-axis
mirrorYMirror shape along Y-axis