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Show occupancy map


axes = show(map3D) displays the occupancy map, map3D, in the current axes, with the axes labels representing the world coordinates.

The function displays the 3-D environment using 3-D voxels for areas with occupancy values greater than the OccupiedThreshold property value specified in map3D. The color of the 3-D plot is strictly height-based.

show(map3D,"Parent",parent) displays the occupancy map in the axes handle specified by parent.

Input Arguments

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3-D occupancy map, specified as an occupancyMap3D object.

Axes used to plot the map, specified as either an Axes or UIAxes object. See axes or uiaxes.

Output Arguments

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Axes handle for map, returned as either an Axes or UIAxesobject. See axes or uiaxes.

Introduced in R2019b