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Insert 3-D points or point cloud observation into map


insertPointCloud(map3D,pose,points,maxrange) inserts one or more sensor observations at the given points in the occupancy map, map3D. Occupied points are updated with an observation of 0.7. All other points between the sensor pose and points are treated as obstacle-free and updated with an observation of 0.4. Points outside maxrange are not updated. NaN values are ignored.

insertPointCloud(map3D,pose,ptcloud,maxrange) inserts a ptcloud object into the map.

Input Arguments

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3-D occupancy map, specified as a occupancyMap3D object.

Points of point cloud in sensor coordinates, specified as an n-by-3 matrix of [x y z] points, where n is the number of points in the point cloud.

Point cloud reading, specified as a pointCloud object.


Using pointCloud objects requires Computer Vision Toolbox™.

Position and orientation of vehicle, specified as an [x y z qw qx qy qz] vector. The vehicle pose is an xyz-position vector with a quaternion orientation vector specified as [qw qx qy qz].

Maximum range of point cloud sensor, specified as a scalar. Points outside this range are ignored.

Introduced in R2019b