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Instrument Driver Editing and Testing

Create and modify instrument drivers; test and verify instrument driver functionality

Generic drivers allow the Instrument Control Toolbox™ to communicate with devices or software that do not use industry-standard drivers or protocols. You create a generic driver using the Instrument Driver Editor. See Creating MATLAB Instrument Drivers for information about using the Instrument Driver Editor.

After you create a driver, you can test it using the Instrument Driver Testing Tool. The tool provides a graphical environment for creating a test to verify the functionality of a MATLAB instrument driver. You can verify property and function behavior and export the test results in a variety of formats. See Instrument Driver Testing Tool Overview.


clearRemove instrument objects from MATLAB workspace
deleteRemove instrument objects from memory
dispDisplay instrument object summary information
getInstrument object properties
inspectOpen Property Inspector
methodsClass method names and descriptions
saveSave instrument objects and variables to MAT-file
setConfigure or display instrument object properties
instrhwinfoInformation about available hardware
propinfoInstrument object property information
connectConnect device object to instrument
disconnectDisconnect device object from instrument
invokeExecute driver-specific function on device object
selftestRun instrument self-test

Examples and How To

  • Creating MATLAB Instrument Drivers

    How to create, modify, save, and verify instrument drivers using the MATLAB Instrument Driver Editor.

  • Properties

    Defining instrument functionality as properties of the device object to ease communications with your instrument.

  • Functions

    Defining instrument functionality as functions of the device object to ease communications with your instrument.

  • Groups

    Combining common capabilities of the device object.

  • Using Existing Drivers

    Adapting existing drivers for your instrument.

  • Setting Up Your Test

    Providing global information for your test, including name, description, driver, interface, and preferences.

  • Defining Test Steps

    Creating steps to test setting property values, getting property values, and driver functions.

  • Saving Your Test

    Saving your test for future midtest sessions, or as code, or as a driver function.

  • Testing and Results

    Running a complete or partial test; exporting or saving test results.