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Explore and Edit Images with Image Viewer App

View, explore, and edit images interactively using the Image Viewer app

Use the Image Viewer app to view and explore images. Image Viewer includes tools that you can use to examine image pixels in detail, crop an image, adjust image contrast, and measure distances between pixels.

If you want to interact with a large image using Image Viewer, then you may notice that zooming and panning actions can be slow, or the image may not load. If this happens, create a reduced resolution data set (R-Set) to improve performance. You can use Image Viewer to navigate an R-Set image the same way you navigate a standard image.


Image ViewerView and explore images


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iptgetprefGet values of Image Processing Toolbox preferences
iptprefsDisplay Image Processing Toolbox Preferences window
iptsetprefSet Image Processing Toolbox preference or display valid values
isrsetCheck if file is valid R-Set file
openrsetOpen R-Set file and display R-Set
rsetwriteCreate R-Set file from image file