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Simple CPU Cooling System

This example shows a simple CPU cooling system consists of a heat sink, a CPU fan, and fan controllers. The heat generated by the CPU is transferred to the heat sink by conduction and it is dissipated to the cooling air by forced convection mechanism. The heat sink is a parallel plate fin with rectangular fins between the plate fins. The CPU fan moves air across the heat sink by drawing air into the case grille from the outside and ejecting warm air from inside. The fan controller unit includes three control levels, representing a 3-speed switch, according to the CPU temperature. For lower CPU temperature, the fan speed is decreased and for higher temperature it is increased.


CPU Board Subsystem

Fan Control Subsystem

Simulation Results from Scopes

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the volumetric flow rate - pressure rise characteristics of CPU fan.

The plots below show the volumetric flow rate through and pressure rise across the CPU fan.

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