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HDL Modeling Guidelines Severity Levels

Each modeling guideline for HDL code generation has a different level of severity that indicates the levels of compliance requirements. This table illustrates what each severity level indicates.

Severity Levels

CategoryMandatoryStrongly RecommendedRecommendedInformative
DefinitionGuidelines that are absolutely essential to follow. Models created must conform to these guidelines to 100%.Guidelines that are agreed upon to be a good practice. Models created should conform to these guidelines to the greatest extent possible, but does not have to be 100%.Guidelines that are recommended to improve the generated code and optimize the code on the target device, but are not critical Guidelines that are meant to understand some modeling recommendations and best practices.
ImpactIf you violate these guidelines, you cannot generate code and synthesize your design on the target hardware.If you violate these guidelines, you get poor quality of results.Violating these guidelines may impact the efficiency or ease of using the generated code with downstream synthesis toolsNone

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