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Shape of recombining binomial tree



[NumLevels,NumPos,IsPriceTree] = treeshape(Tree) returns information on a recombining binomial tree's shape.


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This example shows how to obtain information on a recombining binomial tree's shape.

Create a BDT tree by loading the example file.

load deriv.mat; 

With treeviewer you can see the general shape of the BDT interest-rate tree.


Use treeshape to display the shape of the binomial tree.

[NumLevels, NumPos, IsPriceTree] = treeshape(BDTTree.FwdTree) 
NumLevels = 4
NumPos = 1×4

     1     1     1     1

IsPriceTree = logical

Input Arguments

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Recombining binomial tree, specified as a struct that is created using one of the following functions:

Data Types: struct

Output Arguments

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Number of time levels of tree, returned as a numeric.

Length of the state vectors in each level, returned as a 1-by-NUMLEVELS vector.

Indicates if final horizontal branch is present in the tree, returned as a Boolean.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a