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Postprocessing Results

Use efficient portfolios and efficient frontiers results to set up trades

Examples and How To

Postprocessing Results to Set Up Tradable Portfolios

After obtaining efficient portfolios, use your results to set up trades to move toward an efficient portfolio.

Working with Other Portfolio Objects

In some cases, you might want to examine portfolio optimization problems according to different combinations of return and risk proxies.


PortfolioMAD Object Workflow

PortfolioMAD object workflow for creating and modeling a mean-absolute deviation (MAD) portfolio.

When to Use Portfolio Objects Over Optimization Toolbox

The three cases for using Portfolio, PortfolioCVaR, PortfolioMAD object are: always use, preferred use, and use Optimization Toolbox.


Troubleshooting MAD Portfolio Optimization Results

Resources for troubleshooting portfolio optimization results.