Driving Scenario Simulation

Driving scenario authoring, sensor modeling and synthetic data generation, driving algorithm testing in simulated environments

Simulation using realistic driving scenarios and sensor models is a crucial part of testing automated driving algorithms. Automated Driving Toolbox™ provides two simulation environments in which to test these algorithms. Both environments have their uses, and one environment is not a replacement for the other.

  • In the cuboid simulation environment, vehicles and other actors in the scenario are represented as simple box shapes. Use this environment to rapidly author scenarios, generate detections using low-fidelity radar and camera sensors, and test controllers and tracking and sensor fusion algorithms in both MATLAB® and Simulink®. To get started authoring a scenario, use the Driving Scenario Designer app.

  • In the 3D simulation environment, scenarios are rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®. Use this environment to visualize scenarios using more realistic graphics; to generate high-fidelity radar, camera, and lidar sensor data; and to test perception-in-the-loop systems. This environment is available in Simulink and runs on Windows® only. To learn more, see 3D Simulation for Automated Driving.

Featured Examples