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Customize Unreal Engine Scenes for Automated Driving

Automated Driving Toolbox™ contains prebuilt scenes in which to simulate and visualize the performance of driving algorithms modeled in Simulink®. These scenes are visualized using a standalone Unreal Engine® executable within the toolbox. If you have the Unreal® Editor from Epic Games® and the Automated Driving Toolbox Interface for Unreal Engine Projects installed, you can customize these scenes. You can also use the Unreal Editor and the support package to simulate within scenes from your own custom project.


Customizing scenes with Automated Driving Toolbox Interface for Unreal Engine Projects requires Simulink 3D Animation™.

With custom scenes, you can co-simulate in both Simulink and the Unreal Editor so that you can modify your scenes between simulation runs. You can also package your scenes into an executable file so that you do not have to open the editor to simulate with these scenes.

A Simulink model and an Unreal Editor window with a bidirectional arrow pointing between them.

To customize Unreal Engine scenes for automated driving, follow these steps:

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