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Deep Learning INT8 Quantization

Calibrate, validate, and deploy quantized pretrained series deep learning networks

Increase throughput, reduce resource utilization, and deploy larger networks onto smaller target boards by quantizing your deep learning networks.

After calibrating your pretrained series network by collecting instrumentation data, quantize your series network and validate the accuracy of your quantized network. Once the quantized network has been validated, generate code for and deploy the quantized network.


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dlquantizationOptionsOptions for quantizing a trained deep neural network
dlquantizerQuantize a deep neural network to 8-bit scaled integer data types
calibrateSimulate and collect ranges of a deep neural network
validateQuantize and validate a deep neural network
dlhdl.WorkflowConfigure deployment workflow for deep learning neural network
dlhdl.TargetConfigure interface to target board for workflow deployment
compile Compile workflow object
deploy Deploy the specified neural network to the target FPGA board
estimateEstimate performance of specified deep learning network and bitstream for target device board
predictRun inference on deployed network and profile speed of neural network deployed on specified target device
releaseRelease the connection to the target device
validateConnectionValidate SSH connection and deployed bitstream


Get Started

Supported Networks, Layers and Boards

Pretrained deep learning networks and network layers for which code can be generated by Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™.

Quantization of Deep Neural Networks

Understand effects of quantization and how to visualize dynamic ranges of network convolution layers.

Quantization Workflow

Quantization Workflow Prerequisites

Products required for the quantization of deep learning networks.


Simulate your pretrained series network and collect the dynamic range of weights and biases.


Quantize and validate your pretrained series deep learning network.

Code Generation and Deployment

Generate code and deploy your quantized pretrained series deep learning network.


Deploy Quantized Neural Network

Deploy a pretrained quantized series network.

Quantize Neural Network for FPGA Execution Environment

Compare the accuracy between a pretrained series network and a quantized pretrained series network.