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View C/C++ global variables along with read/write operations



varList = variableAccess(resObj) returns the distribution of global variables in a Code Prover result set denoted by the polyspace.CodeProverResults object resObj. The list also contains all read and write operations on the global variables.


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This example shows how to read Code Prover analysis results from MATLAB®.

Copy a demo result set to a temporary folder.

resPath = fullfile(polyspaceroot,'polyspace','examples','cxx','Code_Prover_Example', ...
userResPath = tempname;

Create the results object.

resObj = polyspace.CodeProverResults(userResPath);

Read list of global variables to MATLAB tables using the object.

varList = variableAccess(resObj);

Run a Polyspace® Code Prover™ analysis on the demo file single_file_analysis.c. Configure these options:

  • Specify GCC 4.9 as your compiler.

  • Save the results in a results subfolder of the current working folder.

  • Specify that a main function must be generated, if it does not exist in the source code.

proj = polyspace.Project

% Configure analysis
proj.Configuration.Sources = {fullfile(polyspaceroot, 'polyspace', 'examples',...
    'cxx', 'Code_Prover_Example', 'sources', 'single_file_analysis.c')};
proj.Configuration.TargetCompiler.Compiler = 'gnu4.9';
proj.Configuration.ResultsDir = fullfile(pwd,'results');
proj.Configuration.CodeProverVerification.MainGenerator = true;

% Run analysis
cpStatus ='codeProver');

% Read results
resObj = proj.Results;
cpSummary = variableAccess(resObj);

Input Arguments

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Code Prover results set, specified as a polyspace.CodeProverResults object.

Output Arguments

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Table showing all global variables from a single Code Prover analysis along with read and write operations on them.

  • For each global variable, the table has information such as data type, number of times accessed, and so on.

  • For each read or write operation, the table has information such as file and function name, line number, and so on.

If a particular information is not available for a result, the entry in the table states <undefined>.

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Version History

Introduced in R2017a