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Complete List of Polyspace Code Prover Analysis Options

Configure Polyspace® Code Prover™ analysis

When using Polyspace, you might want to change some default analysis options. You can change options to work around compilation issues, to modify Code prover assumptions, to change check behavior, and so on. The options are organized here according to the groups on the Configuration pane in user interface of the Polyspace desktop products.

You can specify analysis options by using the Polyspace desktop user interface, the Polyspace command line interface, or an options file.

  • Polyspace User Interface:To change the analysis options of a project module, in the Project Browser, select the Configuration node of the module. In the Configuration pane, change the options as needed. See Run Analysis in Polyspace Desktop User Interface.

  • Command Line: To specify analysis options when running Polyspace analyses from the command line, append the options to the polyspace-code-prover or polyspace-code-prover-server. See Run Polyspace Analysis from Command Line.

  • Options File: An options file is a text file with one option-value pair in each line. Instead of enumerating many options explicitly, you can specify an options file at the command line as a value to the option -options-file. See Options Files for Polyspace Analysis.