Video and Webinar Series

Field-Oriented Control of Induction Motors with Simulink

Learn how to model field-oriented control (FOC) for an induction motor with Simulink®. The videos show how to use Simscape Electrical to build FOC model that includes a squirrel cage asynchronous machine, a power inverter, voltage source, a power transformer, and a rectifier.

The videos explain how you can change parameters of various blocks in the model including motor parameters, switching devices in the inverter, and parameters of the transformer to customize the model for your application. Discover how to automatically tune PI controllers with Simulink Control Design™ for precise control. Finally learn how to deploy control algorithm to microcontrollers for controlling an induction motor with reference example from Motor Control Blockset.

What is Field-Oriented Control? | Field-Oriented Control of Induction Motor with Simulink, Part 1 Learn how field-oriented control provides high performance torque or speed control for various motor types, including induction machines, permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSMs), and brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

How to Model Motor, Inverter, and Controller | Field-Oriented Control of Induction Motor with Simulink, Part 2 Learn how to model a typical field-oriented controller architecture in Simulink and Simscape Electrical. This example shows field-oriented control of an induction motor.

How to Autotune PI Controllers using Closed-loop PID Autotuner block| Field-Oriented Control of Induction Motor with Simulink, Part 3 Automatically tune a field-oriented control system for a three-phase induction motor. The control system consists of four PI controllers that are tuned using the Closed-Loop PID Autotuner block in a single simulation.

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