MATLAB and Simulink Requirements

Browser Requirements

To access the following MathWorks online services, please ensure your system meets these requirements.

Supported Browsers

  • MathWorks online apps and services are compatible with most modern web browsers running on Windows®, Mac, Linux®, and Chrome OS.
  • For the best overall experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.
  • MathWorks online apps and services are also compatible with the current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer has been discontinued.

Browser Settings Required

  • Cookies enabled
  • Pop-ups enabled
  • JavaScript enabled

Internet Connection

Broadband connection (1 Mbps minimum)

Product-Specific Requirements


MATLAB Online is currently not supported on smartphones or tablets. Use MATLAB Mobile to access MATLAB on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Browser Features Not Supported:
Zoom (ctrl +/- and mouse wheel)
2 GB (minimum)
Screen Resolution:
1024 x 768 (minimum)

See more about Supported Toolboxes.


Sensor data can be sent to ThingSpeak™ from Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, BeagleBone Black, and other hardware. For devices to communicate with ThingSpeak, they must support TCP/IP, HTTP or MQTT protocols. Your firewall must allow connection to the standard ports for these protocols. Explore additional information and examples.


Optional integration with learning management systems requires LTI 1.1.