MATLAB and Simulink for Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Conduct energy forecasting, analysis, and simulation

generation, transmission, and distribution

MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape enable you to simulate system response, explore system design, test system compliance, and monitor system operations. These products let you:

  • Develop energy forecasting algorithms to predict energy supply and demand
  • Perform power plant model validation (PPMV) to match simulated generator response to real response
  • Model and simulate generation, transmission, and distribution systems
  • Perform simulation-based grid code compliance testing
  • Analyze and visualize grid response and develop system monitoring algorithms
A generation, transmission, and distribution network

Model Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Networks

Use MATLAB, Simulink, and Power Systems Simulation Onramp to model traditional power systems and power systems with distributed energy resources (DERs), including wind turbines, PV arrays, and energy storage systems, as well as:

  • Change model fidelity to align with engineering tasks
  • Consider EMT and phasor simulation, as well as timescales from microseconds to years
  • Use parallel computing to run multiple scenarios on multiple cores
Voltage distribution across the IEEE European Test Feeder

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Perform Grid Simulation and Analyze and Optimize System Response

Perform grid simulations to study larger-scale and localized grid behaviors during fault and normal operating conditions.

Use MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape Electrical to:

  • Perform power plant model validation with automated parameter estimation, data replay, and both offline step-tests and online performance monitoring to address regulatory requirements
  • Apply optimization tools to automate parameter tuning, inform adjustments to equipment sizing and placement, and test distributed energy systems against grid codes such as IEEE 1547
  • Analyze operational behavior by performing Monte-Carlo simulations of the transmission and distribution system with different network configurations
  • Automatically generate and publish reports to capture the output of simulation studies using MATLAB Report Generator

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Energy Forecasting and System Monitoring

Automate forecasting and monitoring tasks for power systems by importing energy data from different sources, developing energy forecasting models and monitoring algorithms, and deploying your models to production systems with MATLAB and Simulink. 

  • Develop predictive demand, price, and revenue forecasting models using machine learning
  • Run Monte Carlo simulations for valuation and risk assessment
  • Deploy your forecast models to enterprise and cloud systems and connect them to regional wholesale electricity markets, meteorological data, and other data streaming services
  • Develop system monitoring algorithms using machine learning