MATLAB and Simulink for Container Deployment

Deploy your MATLAB® algorithms and Simulink models as industry-standard Docker container images. You can either package your standalone application as a container for easy distribution or generate a microservice container to integrate your MATLAB and Simulink® assets into your enterprise environment.

Application Containers

Docker containers provide a standardized, self-contained artifact that is easy to package and distribute. MATLAB Compiler™ lets you easily generate a Docker container from your MATLAB or Simulink application. The application is packaged into a Docker container image together with the Linux® operating system, supporting libraries, and a size-optimized MATLAB Runtime. This Docker container image can then be pushed to your corporate repository for sharing and execution.

Microservice Containers

Instead of deploying a monolithic application, there may be situations where you want MATLAB or Simulink to be part of a larger enterprise application. These enterprise applications are typically architected as a collection of microservices. In this case, you can take advantage of MATLAB Compiler SDK™ to generate a Docker container with a microservice API.