Simulink Desktop Real-Time

Real-Time Kernel

Use Simulink Coder to generate code from Simulink models and run real-time tests on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop computers.

Simulink I/O Blocks

Drag-and-drop I/O blocks in your Simulink model to interface with external devices such as sensors and actuators.

Parameter Tuning

Use Simulink and Simulink Dashboard blocks to control and interact with your real-time application. Tune parameters in MATLAB and Simulink.

Signal Monitoring and Data Logging

Visualize signals using Simulink scopes and Simulation Data Inspector. Import logged data into the MATLAB workspace to analyze results.

Analog and Digital I/O Boards

Choose from a wide range of supported DAQ boards, including PCI and PCI Express boards. Configure I/O parameters in Simulink.

Ethernet and Serial Interfaces

Exchange data using UDP/IP and TCP/IP Ethernet protocols and RS-232 serial interfaces.

CAN Communication

Connect to CAN buses using devices from Kvaser, Vector, and PEAK-System. Configure parameters such as baud rate in Simulink.

USB Webcams and Joysticks

Connect USB webcams to access and process video data in Simulink. Connect USB joysticks and steering wheels for real-time control.

Internet of Things

Prototype and test IoT applications using the ThingSpeak service.