86100C Digital Communications Analyzer

Communications test system with advanced waveform analysis


  • Interface for running MATLAB scripts to post-process measured electrical data
  • Save pattern waveform up to 2^23 bits long
  • Data returned to oscilloscope for real-time display
  • Transmitter compliance transfer functions (TCTF) emulate ISI on high-speed digital signals
  • Separate transition and non-transition bits in a waveform allow you to perform separate mask tests
  • Experiment with different types of decision feedback equalizers to optimize communication signals


Apply and evaluate different equalization schemes and see results immediately

The 86100C Digital Communications Analyzer with jitter analysis (DCA-J), offers speed, accuracy, and affordability for communication waveform analysis. The DCA-J provides four instruments in one - a digital communications analyzer with automated eye measurements; a full-function time domain reflectometer (TDR) for impedance analysis; a full-function oscilloscope with bandwidth in excess of 80 GHz; and an innovative jitter analyzer for electrical and optical signals.

The DCA-J software has an interface to MATLAB so the user can apply almost any filtering or signal processing algorithm and see the results immediately. The user may choose different finite impulse response filters, signal-to-noise optimization schemes, image reconstruction techniques, or a custom approach to compensate for signal degradation. The results may be seen on the DCA-J as the signal is transmitted.

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Required Products


  • Windows


  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Telephone

Product Type

  • Test Instruments


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Optics
  • Telecommunication


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Computer Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
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