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Point Cloud Reconstruction From Disparity Map Not Working
I made a support ticket for it because I found this during my dissertation. It is not considered a bug by the MathWorks team as ...

9 månader ago | 0

3d Point Cloud forming like a prism
I contacted the MATLAB support team about this issue and told them I wrote a few dozen lines of code to constrain the giant pris...

9 månader ago | 0

Matlab Stereo Camera Calibrator Scene Reconstruction Error
There is additional custom logic required to restrict the point cloud output from 1600m to the 3-4m in that scene: https://gi...

9 månader ago | 0

What should go in a next-generation MATLAB X?
An LSP for other IDEs, better documentation of the Python engine, easier install of MEfP using some kind of shell script or dep ...

ungefär ett år ago | 2

MATLAB - Going from a disparity map to point cloud from stereo images on HELP!
@Hanieh Shabanian @Haseeb Majid the solution is simple: disparityMap(disparityMap > 12) = 0;

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