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distributed arrays slow with batch jobs
A batch job with the 'Pool' option ( a "batch-pool job") will end up starting the equivalent of a interactive pool, but using on...

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Continue to next iteration in for-loop while saving data
You can use parfeval to run save in the background on a worker like this: pool = parpool('local', 1) % Start pool with one work...

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Using the Parallel Computing Toolbox for simultaneous evaluation of multiple Datasets
Hi Michael, Using a parfor loop would be a good solution to this problem. Local variables like "res" and "path_fixed" inside ...

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Get sensor data and plot simultaneously using workers any solution?
Depending upoin your requirements it may be possible to have one worker read the data from the device, and send it back to the M...

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How can I speed-up 3 functions without terminating workers?
If you use a parpool you can start up the MATLAB workers once, and then use them to execute e.g. parfor loops, or execute functi...

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Local parpool cannot initiate following specific command in startup.m
The MATLAB workers of the parallel pool will also execute the startup.m script. Since this script contains input(), all the work...

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