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Mark Buckwell

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I am a research associate at University College London, where I study the electrical and structural behaviour of materials in order to understand how we might engineer exciting, new technologies. I work extensively with the conductive atomic force microscope, a powerful nanoscale probe which is excellent for mechanical and electrical characterisation of a wide range of samples. I find it an exciting prospect that such unusual approaches might open up new understandings of our universe. I am also fascinated by the close parallels between inorganic systems and those found in biology, as well as the inspiration that we may take from nature. I would love to work at the intersection between biology and technology, where dynamic, inorganic material behaviours enable emergent properties that we can use in exciting, new technologies.


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Matlab scripts to analyse battery/fuel cell data.

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Surface analysis
A collection of matlab scripts for processing and analysing scentific data (images, time-domain measurements, and spectra).

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