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Shifting number to end of an array
as they said above . you can use this code. function v = move_me(v,a) if nargin <2 a = 0; end v = [v(v ~...

nästan 7 år ago | 1


Write a function called day_diff that takes four scalar positive integer inputs, month1, day1, month2, day2. These represents the birthdays of two children who were born in 2015. The function returns a positive integer scalar that is equal to the dif
I can't deal it anymore. I have trouble to check an integer number or an array number in order to input argument in this problem...

ungefär 7 år ago | 4 answers | 0



Creating a polyval function
function p = poly_val(c0,c,x) if isempty(c)==true p =c0; elseif isscalar(c)==true p = c0+c*x; else ...

ungefär 7 år ago | 1

How do you have a logical operator of true and false as your type but 0 and 1 as your value?
I think it will be : function el=eligible(v,q) if mean([v,q]) >= 92 && v>88 && q >88 el=true; else ...

ungefär 7 år ago | 1