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Durga Prasad Bavirisetti

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Professional Interests: Image Processing, Computer vision. Machine Learning, Deep Learning


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Multi-scale Guided Image and Video Fusion
We propose a general purpose, simple and fast fusion algorithm based on guided image filter.

ungefär 2 år ago | 14 downloads |


Multi-sensor Image Fusion based on Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations
A new fusion algorithm based on fourth order partial differential equations is proposed.

mer än 3 år ago | 2 downloads |



Fusion of Infrared and Visible Sensor Images Based on Anisotropic Diffusion and KL Transform
Image fusion based on edge preserving Anisotropic Diffusion and KL Transform

mer än 3 år ago | 4 downloads |



Two-scale image fusion of visible and infrared images using saliency detection
A new image fusion method based on saliency detection and two-scale image decomposition.

nästan 4 år ago | 11 downloads |



Fusion of MRI and CT images using guided image filter and image statistics
Fusion based on guided image filter and statistics of image

nästan 4 år ago | 3 downloads |