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Is there any difference between a variable with bar on top of it and without in MuPAD?
The bar refers to the complex conjugate.

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Extracting a symbolic variable (rearranging symbolic equation)
Try this, create a dummy variable "x" so you can use the collect command. Then substitute x by K1*K2 %Misc Intializations sy...

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Greek letters in livescipt symbolic expression
Use "lambda" and "epsilon"

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show symbol in command window
You can use fprintf with unicode characters, the syntax is \xN, where N is the hex number that identifies the desired character....

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How can I change symbolic expression display format in command window
I am using version 2020a, and the results by default is displayed in one line. See code below. syms x >> 1/(x^2+5*x+1) an...

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How to switch the sign between numerator and denominator in a symbolic expression
Hello. I have an expression of the form TL_theta = I would like to express the previous equation in a form where the numerat...

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How can I change the fontsize of datatip box?
Look at < How c...

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Warnings and errors with Matlab R2017b running on Fedora 27
I just try simulink, on Linux Mint 19. I had the same problem. The solution proposed got rid of the error messages but the war...

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