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I used MATLAB quite a bit in grad school. Now I am an ASE at MathWorks.

Please Note : Any advice or opinions posted here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks


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Is there a bug with code generation for C2000 device? (R2013b)
This is a known issue. Please see the following EBR for a workaround:

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Problems with using mxarrays with the step function in MATLAB Coder
You can assign the output of the extrinsically called imread to a variable of known type. For example: % Assume IMREAD out...

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Simulink/Matlab coder compile-time calculation
I think calling normpdf via "coder.const" will do what you want

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How do I tell the Simulink/Embedded Coder not to Saturate On Integer Overflow?
Saturate on Integer Overflow settings for the MATLAB Function block can be accessed via the Ports & Data Manager: http://www....

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Target Preferences block in Simulink
Items from the target preferences block have been moved to configuration parameters. See the Target Hardware Resources tab of C...

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running builded file returns error message
Hi Al and Egon, Some Simulink blocks implement portions of their functionality using shared libraries (DLL files on Windows)....

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How can I read any initialization data from mat file in standalone simulink aplication?
The simulation stop time can be selected by using the '-tf' flag when calling the rsim exe. For example : >>!myRSimModel.exe...

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Need help how to develop an gui with callbacks
You could write a helper function that performs the plotting. The listbox callback and the checkbox callbacks could all call th...

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Regression function of Neural Networks
You can view the general structure of your network with the VIEW function: view(net); The IW, LW, and b Network properti...

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