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Sathish Kumar

Indian Institute of Science

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Aerospace Engineering, Control systems, Guidance and Navigation, Mathematics
Professional Interests: Aerospace, Guidance, Control systems, Mathematics


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Using event function in matlab ode45 for multi-dimensional state vector
Hello, I have a set of odes written in matrix form as Xdot = AX; I also have a desired value of the states X_des. X is a five...

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problem in my code
>>>Here I'd like to go back to the for loop but it goes back to the while ! That is because the loop runs from k=1:N1 and yo...

nästan 8 år ago | 0

How can I combine variables with LaTex strings in a plot annotation?
Add a space after the second $ symbol in '$\phi=$'...... Actually no latex compiler can understand $\phi=$1234.... You have to...

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Help in solving Differential Equations
The set od equations you are trying to solve COUPLED set of ODEs. It is actually very easy to do in matlab using ODE45. You need...

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