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hai everyone i completed my masters in electronics & Instrumentation from gitam university.matlab is my fav s/w.
Professional Interests: DIP,DSP,NNFL,Communications


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Is it possible to create "x" amount of objects with pop-up menus in GUI depending on the user input?
yeah the above one works try it!!!

ungefär 9 år ago | 0


What happens when you type "why" in the command window?
Whenever we type |why| in the MATLAB command window the answer it shows is entirely different. "Why" is it so?

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how can i give the appearnce as dimmed to gui panel?
try in the mfile which is generated after processing the fig file

ungefär 9 år ago | 0

i have to read videos convert into frames detect shot boundary and keyframe
warning off; clear all; close all; clc; obj = mmreader('filename.avi'); vid = read(obj); frames = obj.NumberOfFrames %Read th...

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Converting a jpg image (RGB) into a 2-d array of numbers (2D)
I=imread('inputImage.extenstion') imshow(I) title('Input Image') I1=rgb2gray(I); figure,imshow(I1) title(...

mer än 9 år ago | 3

how to convert some binary data to image in matlab
uigetfile can also be to read image from any directory

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