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In the Driving Scenario Designer app, how can I generate a large number of vehicles or a platoon with the same characteristics ?
Hi, This request will be considered in a future release. The best way to do this now (for actors or roads), is to script it in...

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How scenarios can be generated automatically
Hi Thaddaus, Starting from R2019b, the Scenario Reader can read from a drivingScenario object in MATLAB workspace. See the foll...

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How to get ego vehicle signals and actor size from driving scenario in Simulink test?
Hi Anton, In R2019b, we have added the ability in the Scenario Reader block to read directly from a drivingScenario object in t...

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Advance driving scenario simulation in Simulink
Hi, The advance function or the driving scenario object cannot be used in Simulink. In a future release of the toolbox, you can...

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Automatically generate figure in DSP system objects
There are no documented APIs for this.

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Do not close dsp.TimeScope window after finishing function.
The Scope windows close because the underlying System Objects are deleted. You can declare the variables holding the System Obje...

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simulink : M assert: unexpected number of axes
Hi Wenbo, This issue is captured in the following bug report and has a workaround:

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Scope line properties for more than 6 lines
The Scope block supports setting properties for only the first six lines. To set properties for 7th and more lines, you can use ...

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How can I get the function handle to the currently running function without relying upon the current path settings?
Something to try: You can determine this apriori and pass it as one of the input arguments to myFunction or save it in a mat ...

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Add multiple channels to floating scope
Floating Scope cannot be used to view signals with signal storage optimization enabled. Alternatively, you can use a Signal ...

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Find position of smaller waveform within a longer noise waveform.
You can try the following: Normalize your sequences as shown below: v = (v - mean(v))/std(v,1); Make the two sequences ...

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How can I load a scope signal into the wavelet toolbox?
You can save the signal plotted on a Simulink Scope to a variable in workspace. See History tab on the Scope parameters dialog. ...

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SIMULINK Scope WIndows Real-TIme-Target "Limit Data Point"
Does adjusting the time range or decimating the data work? Decimation setting is in the General tab of the Scope parameters dial...

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how can we call a scope to workspace witout opening the model file?
You can save your model with Scopes closed. Then do the following: load_system('modelName'); open_system('modelName/scopeN...

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