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I teach courses in water resources and environmental fluid mechanics.


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Getting error in code - program to solve Poisson’s equation in 1D
Tom, The index i runs from 1 to N, but if rho has N elements, then rho(i+1) will give an error if i = N.

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how to plot a temperature distribution of a solid cylinder with heat generation
Kailey, Here are a few comments: You are plotting one point at a time, but with that plot statement, you won't see any points....

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How do I subtract every row of a matrix with every row of a second matrix?
Here's how I understood the question. If you have A = magic(3) and B = eye(3)--that is, A = [8 1 6; 3 5 7; 4 9 2]; B = [1 0 ...

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